KuierPlek is the way for homeowners to RENT our their SWIMMING POOL to neighbours and club members for a few hours or even short swimming sessions.

List your place

Kuierplek offers a platform to list and rent out your private swimming pool or unique venue.

Membership is for guests. For families who perhaps live in an apartment and don't have a swimming pool and want to go swimming with the children, this is ideal.

For guests who want to reserve a venue to entertain friends and family, this opens up more opportunities. The concept of renting out a private swimming pool is taking off worldwide.

Whether your pool is ordinary or extremely luxurious, at your home, plot or farm, it's an asset that you can rent out for the enjoyment of others.  Registration is free - click here

What we do

  •     We list your place at a rate you set, along with photos and house rules
Pool owners
  •     You decide on the rate per hour
  •     What dates guests can book
  •     What is allowed: Only swimming or can guests also barbecue there. All the possibilities and details are listed and asked for in the application form
  •     During booking: Make sure guests feel welcome and enjoy the experience.
  •     Note: It is good if someone is home when guests use the pool, but it is not essential. Arrangements can be made in advance.

Club members (Guests)

  •     Can search for places in their immediate vicinity
  •     See what times are available; the rate and so on.
  •     They can then make a reservation on the website
  •     They bring their own swimming towels and so on.
Ka-chin and the money is in the bank

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