KuierPlek is the way for homeowners to RENT our their SWIMMING POOL to neighbours and club members for a few hours or even short swimming sessions.

How it works

Members book a swimming pool

  • From R75 to R850 per hour.  The price is determined by the property owner.


What we offer

  • Reservation of private venues, most of which are self-catering places.

What is mentioned about each venue

  • The general house rules.
  • The maximum number of persons and whether children are allowed.
  • Whether smoking and alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • What amenities are available
  • Optional extras
  • Parking spaces
  • Any special arrangements

General Rules

  • The member making the booking assumes full responsibility and liability.
  • Membership is only open to persons over 18 years of age with a valid driving licence; ID document and registered vehicle.
  • Bookings are kept between 08:00 and 22:00.
  • Bring own swimming towels.
  • Swim and relax clothes on (nudity is not allowed).
  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times

What we do

KuierPlek lists a variety of venues in South Africa where you can work, relax or hang out next to or in a swimming pool for a few hours.

Together with KuierPlek your next "kuier" with someone can be made much more special - join and "kuier" more!

Picnic on the grassHangout by the poolHang out by the boat - Book a venue