Swimming Pool Owners - rent out your swimming pool per hour and make someone happy.

Book now! Spring is around the corner. Our official opening is 1 September 2023.

  • Have a party

    On it's birthday or other special occasion, sharing it with others makes the memories and feeling of care and love between each other better. Book a place now.

  • Surprise someone

    Planning a surprise party requires secret conversations behind the scenes. Is it time to surprise someone or you maybe your parents? Think date, place, theme etc.

  • Movie or visit on the water

    A movie night or watching sports next to a pool or on the water can create an unforgettable hangout. Relax, chat, and experience warm weather at its best. Remember popping popcorn is a must.

  • Braai

    Whether it's next to a fireplace or barbecue fire, it makes a cozy place to hang out. Make "let's barbecue" even more special. Reel it in a different place than at home, but grill the way you like it!

  • Swim for an hour or two

    Whether you want to go swimming on your own for exercise or with the children, friends or girlfriends, we can help you find a private swimming spot near your home. Or do you want to have a picnic?

  • Chat business or drink coffee

    Do something else. Whether it's with your team or BNI chapter, a new place makes you think differently. An informal atmosphere can help make the conversation comfortable and build trust.

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